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Pennfield Products Streamlined for Easier Decision Making

In the first big move since buying Pennfield six months ago, Cargill Animal Nutrition has announced a streamlining of Pennfield formulas to make it easier for customers to choose the right one for their needs. All Pennfield formulas remain fixed in both formula and ingredients, offering exceptional consistency across the board. Most notably, two Signature Plus and one Signature formula have been renamed and moved into the Ultra product line, Pennfield's "life cycle" feed system from birth ...

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Why Pennfield?

We put the horse first in three clearly definable ways. Does your feed company do the same?

#1 Consistency: Fixed formulas. Fixed ingredients. Period. Consistency in training is critical to success, what you feed is no less important.

#2 Quality: The best ingredients money can buy, including natural Vitamin E instead of synthetic. You may not know the difference on the tag with these choices, but you’ll see the difference in your horses.

#3 Choice: Pennfield offers 14 formulas to give each horse a virtually customized feeding program that unlocks its full potential.

Learn more about the Pennfield Promise.

Which Pennfield is Right for Your Horse?

To maximize the promise of your horse, excellent and thoughtfully tailored nutrition is a great place to start.

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